Campus Sound

Campus Sound provides audio/video support services for WWU-sponsored events on campus outside of the WWU church sanctuary. Use the form at the bottom of this page to request Campus Sound services. 


1. Alert early
Campus Sound needs a one month notice for large events. 大型活动的例子包括:Jumpstart, 户外舞台项目, U-days, 校友的周末, 乐队之战, Spring Jam, 和毕业.

2. 提交校园声音请求表格
Fill out a Campus Sound Request form (bottom of this page) at least seven days 活动前. If less than seven days, a 逾期提交费用 of $25 will be charged.  请参阅逾期提交费用政策.  We are not able to fulfill last-minute requests.  Event facility reservations must have a minimum of one hour of sound check and one hour of setup time (总共两小时)提前预定.

3. 接收确认信息
You will get an email from the Campus Sound secretary confirming receipt of the Campus Sound Request form.

4. 接收澳门真人官网赌场
Once a sound engineer has been scheduled to work your event, you will receive an email with the name of the sound engineer(s) and their contact information.

5. 一小时前检查声音
Sound check begins one hour before the event starts. Musicians and slideshow presentations must be ready for sound check. 请准备好把每件事都说一遍. 临时更改将不被接受. Videos need to be downloaded before the event. Provide video links to the campus sound tech one day 活动前.

6. 检讨澳门真人官网赌场的服务
事后, you will receive an email asking you to submit your feedback and suggestions so that we can improve and make sure that you're satisfied with our service.

Note: If food is provided for the event, please provide food for the sound crew.

* Please note the fees associated with late requests and small events. To avoid these fees, see the training tab located on the upper right of the page

Request a campus facility >

(For WWU sponsored events within the church sanctuary such as CommUnity and Vespers)



Campus Sound sets up portable AV equipment for WWU-sponsored events with more than 25 people free of charge. For small events (when less than 25 people show up and stay), the billing after such an event is:

音效设置/运行/打包= 30美元

声音/视频设置/运行/打包= 50美元

To determine attendance, a headcount will be taken by the Sound Engineer halfway through the event. If fewer than 25 people are present, a small events fee will be assessed.


By submitting this Campus Sound Request Form you agree that your department or club will pay a $25 late submittal fee if your request is submitted less than 7 days 活动前.


We provide training to enable groups/departments to manage their sound independently as much as possible. For example:

Campus Sound provides training for worship groups:

  • Berean奖学金
  • Circle Church
  • Nuestra称Iglesia秘鲁
  • AGA Worship
  • 炉边敬拜

If you are planning an event with less than 25 people, you may pay for Campus Sound labor to run the event, or save that money by runnin the event yourself. First find a venue with built-in sound/video capabilities - see list below.  After you choose a location, Campus Sound is willing to come at least 24 hours before the event starts (free of charge) to help you understand the built-in system and to make sure that you can play the music, video, 或者你的程序需要的ppt.

This room has a built-in computer, speakers, a projector, and a screen. 适用于音乐、视频和幻灯片.

This room has an HDMI cord to mirror your laptop/MacBook screen to the TVs, speakers, 2个无绳麦克风, 2台大电视. 适用于音乐、视频和幻灯片.

This room has a built-in computer, speakers, 4 wireless mics, a projector, and a screen. This venue is dedicated to sacred programs and is good for music, videos, and PowerPoints.

This room has a HDMI cord for a laptop/MacBook, speakers, 2 wired mics, 一台新的投影仪, and a screen. 适用于音乐、视频和幻灯片.

Alaska Room
This room has a built-in projector and a screen. 适合做ppt.

Many smart classrooms across campus in the 政府 Building, Bowers Hall, 美术中心, Kretschmar, Rigby, Smith, and the Winter Educational Complex have built-in speakers, projectors, and screens. 适用于音乐、视频和幻灯片.

The Peterson Memorial Library loans projectors and screens.

Campus Sound maintains sound equipment for areas such as:

  • 体育部门
    • 体育-篮球 & Volleyball
  • 音乐系
    • FAC礼堂 
  • 通信部门
    • Village Hall
  • 沃拉沃拉大学教堂
    • 联谊厅
    • Heubach教堂

直播或录音?  如果是,请联系Media Services .
If Media Services is unable to livestream/record your event, Campus Sound may be available to do it.  First check with Chris Drake to see if Media Services can do it.


  1. 提前7天通知.  14-day advance notice for large events > 200 people.
  2. 如果有工作人员可以做的话.
  3. No charge if at least 15 users are watching the stream at the halfway point during the program.
  4.  $30 per camera charge if less than 15 users are watching the stream at the halfway point.
  5. You need to obtain releases/permission signed by the people making the presentation. 
  6. Your Chair/Department Head must sign showing agreement that it would be appropriate and represent WWU well to all audiences.


  1. 提前7天通知.  14-day advance notice for events > 200 people.
  2. 如果有工作人员可以做的话.
  3. 每台相机收费30美元
  4. You need to obtain releases/permission signed by the people making the presentation.
  5. Your Chair/Department Head must sign showing agreement that it would be appropriate and represent WWU well to all audiences.

Campus Sound does not livestream/record/live-sound reinforcement in the WWU Church Sanctuary.  Check with Media Services (Chris Drake) or 制度健全 (Albert Handal).


如果你想取消你的活动, remember to notify Campus Sound promptly - at least 24 hours before the event start time.  If not, a $15 逾期通知取消费用 will be charged.  When planning your outdoor event, check the weather everyday for favorable conditions.  如果有阵雨, high winds, 或者是闪电预报, notify Campus Sound with 24 hours advance notice of your backup plan - indoor venue.


Karl Thompson
(509) 520-9900